Samantha Williamson

Personal Trainer

Qualifications: Swedish and sports massage level three personal training high level teaching assistant Pilates training.

I strive to get the best out of my clients physical training and mental wellbeing, having had a big weight loss myself I understand the mental struggle as well as physical. I thrive on seeing my personal training clients go beyond their targets and continue to improve, the bigger the hurdle the more satisfaction I get! 🙂

Having had over 20 years experience in Thai boxing and teaching of sports. I have a unique ability to work with all ages and abilities. Can’t spend another minute on the elliptical or treadmill? Look no further. Women and men are finding  Thai fitness to be the perfect replacement for their usual boring cardio workout. The techniques are simple, effective, and easy to learn.. Simply put, if you want a stronger core, more arm definition, more sculpted legs (there’s a lot of kicking involved!), or are looking to burn fat, this is the workout for you.

I am always looking to improve myself and update my training levels regularly and as a trained massage therapist I am able to work with and around injuries.