Liam Foster



Personal Trainer, Sports Massage Practitioner, BSc Sport and Exercise Science: Nutrition


Fitness, Fat Loss, Strength and Conditioning, Sport Specific Fitness, Sports Massage.

Personal Bio

Having several years’ experience in personal training, sports massage and a degree in sport and exercise science, my knowledge of human anatomy and physiology enables me push clients to achieve their fitness goals.

I am dedicated to helping individuals to improve overall fitness and health through a variety of different training methods. Having spent many years competing in sports up to a semi-professional level, this drives me to help those wanting to improve in their sport.

Having experienced injuries in the past, my interests also include injury recovery and prevention though correct training and sports massage. I aim to give clear and concise nutritional and training information to all clients to improve their knowledge.

I am always striving to learn more about how the human body works and self-improvement to better both personal training and sports massage sessions. This constant development allows me to be at the forefront of fitness, training and recovery knowledge to better those willing to achieve their personal goals.

liam foster
liam foster